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One of the main reasons that people end up giving us a call is the fact that they want us to remove a very specific stain on their carpets, rugs or flooring. As with any type of job that we take on we really believe that the preparation that we go through is going to be one of the most important aspects of the whole process. We also have that mother or grandmother skill that is just acquired over the years. We have our own recipes that we have seen work in the past to remove all sorts of stains from different types of carpets!

What Type of Chemicals Are You Going To Use?  

As you can probably imagine people are really concerned about the type of chemicals that we are going to be using on their carpets and floors. We get a lot of people wanting to know if we use bleach or things like that. As we mentioned before we have different types of compounds and chemicals that we bust out in emergency situations. Again though at Columbia Carpet Cleaners, if we go through the process the right way we will be able to spot the issue and find a way to tackle it correctly!

Can You Remove All Stains  

This goes back to something that we kind of alluded to in the last paragraph. The thing is, there are certain stains that may leave certain marks even if we remove them. In some cases, the color is just not going to be the same as its surroundings anyway. These are very extreme circumstances. It is not like this is an issue that we have with any stain. That being said what we are going to want to do is make sure we can give you a good estimate of the success rate that you can expect from us. From there you will be able to decide what you want us to do or not!

Pet Stains & Odors    

It is great that you have pets in the home and that you allow them to roam freely. Most of the times though people think that you have to choose between keeping your pets outside or just accept that your house is going to smell a certain way and have different stains. It is our belief that through our stain removal services we are able to give our clients the best of both worlds!

Does This Process Take A Toll On The Carpets Or Floors? 

There is a growing trend especially online that wants to make people have second thoughts about giving us a call! The idea in general states that our cleaning processes are going to wear down your carpet and floors instead of helping them out. As we have stated before we are not saying that prolonged use of some of the chemicals that we use can’t bring forth issues. What we are saying is that these problems are not going to come about just because we come in once every few months. Carpet Cleaning Columbia MD are also offering upholstery cleaning service at best price.

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