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Columbia Carpet Cleaners

Columbia Carpet Cleaners is your go to carpet cleaning service in the Columbia, Maryland area. We provide the fastest, most thorough carpet cleaning service at a competitive price. You can count on the job being done right, utilizing the best products. Our carpet cleaning equipment is the best in the business and we can bring your old carpets back to life. Whether you have carpets with stains, dirt, pet odor or dog urine stains, you can count on us taking care of your problem and making your carpets not only look like new again, but having your home or business smell nice and fresh.

A clean carpet can say a lot about your home or business. Not only will it be able to make people feel at ease while just stepping on the carpet in a normal situation. It can also help prevent things like allergies and even some other diseases. That being said, finding the right people to clean your carpets isn’t always easy. You may be able to find all sorts of deals all over the place, but no guarantees that they will actually end up doing a good job. At Columbia Carpet Cleaners MD we want to help you make the right decision when it comes to carpet cleaning! That's why we make it easy. Just tell us which rooms, what time and location and we will be there and take care of your carpet on time for you.


About Us 
We are a company that has been in the business for quite some time now. So you can bet that we have seen a lot of the different trends come and go. In spite of the new advancements in technology, we believe that a lot of the same concepts that have been true about carpet cleaning in Columbia MD for ages still applies. When we get a chance to work on a particular carpet we will make sure that we are utilizing not only the best equipment but the right strategy that fits that particular carpet the best!

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    Our Services

    There are plenty of things that we can get done at Columbia Carpet Cleaning. Most of them obviously are in the realm of cleaning carpets and rugs. We also clean other types of flooring like hardwood and tile floors. So you can realistically, say that we are able to clean your entire home’s floors if need be. As we have mentioned though where we really excel is in being able to figure out exactly what the right strategy is for each type of floor. That is virtually the key towards any potentially successful job!

    We specialize in a number of services including:


    We could say that this is, the general service that we offer. If you have some doubts as to how we actually handle the different carpet cleaning services you may want to take a look at this page specifically. We are not overly enthusiastic about using an excessive amount of water in our carpet cleaning services. That actually also translates at times to other types of floors. As we have mentioned though you can rest assured that at the end of the day we will be able to find the right strategy to ensure that your carpet cleaning can be done right!


    One of the main reasons that people give us a call is that they have a certain type of stain in their carpet or flooring that they just are not able to remove with conventional methods. With many years in the business, there are very few things that are going to be able to catch us off guard. We have had to tackle all sorts of stains on different surfaces and this has given us a lot of know-how in handling these issues. At times we may even have to employ some very unconventional ways to remove the stains.


    Time and time again we have seen people have their troubles with these types of floors. What we can do is go ahead and pressure wash them or steam clean them so that we will be able to remove most of the junk that has built up. As with all of the rest of the services that we offer the way that we attack the problem is going to be determined by a previous inspection of the place. In this particular case, it is important to know that if we are going to be using an excessive amount of water we know what the consequences may be!

    I used to have a really tough time trying to clean my carpets and floors. I would do it on my own and this would typically take quite a bit of time. Once I started working with Columbia Carpet Cleaners I have noticed the difference completely. I don’t think I will ever get back to doing things on my own! 
    Sarah F.


    Having clean floors can really say a lot about your home or business. If I were you I would definitely call Columbia Carpet Cleaners. They know how to get things done the right way! 
    Peter H.


    As a business owner, I was able to cut down my maintenance costs considerably and obtain better results while working with Columbia Carpet Cleaners. I strongly recommend their services to all my friends and family! 
    Oscar P. 


    These types of floors to be placed outdoors. That really implies a whole new level of care. Stone is a rough material it is perfectly suited to stand up to the wear and tear of the outdoors. That being said, it doesn’t hurt if we are able to give it that helping push. The results that we are able to obtain will surely convince you to give us at least a chance to clean your stone flooring!


    There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies that offer this particular service. The thing that you have to watch out for though is making sure that as a cleaner you know the type of fabric that you are dealing with. These days there are a lot of synthetic materials that are used for this type of furniture. Knowing ahead of time what you are dealing with can really help come up with a strategy that could ensure our success!


    It is our experience that these types of floors are a kind that owners tend to like to “over shine” in a sense. What we do isn’t just about coming in and cleaning without any real plan in mind. We are actually able to implement different types of procedures that are going to be beneficial to the overall health of your hardwood floors. These are the types of floors that need to be treated with extra care to ensure that the results we are able to obtain are actually sustainable long term!


    ​If you need us to clean any type of floors we believe that you should really think about giving Columbia MD Carpet Cleaning a call or contacting us. We are not like other companies that have a cookie cutter way of doing things. With us, you can expect tailored solutions to all of your different needs!

    Areas We Service


    ​Columbia, MD