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Hardwood is a type of floor that a lot of people will tend to believe is hard to clean. If you ask us though, once you know what you are doing things can tend to get very, very simple. The reason that we say that is that hardwood floor cleaning usually has to be done a lot more diligently. At least compared to these services that we provide on other types of floors. There are a couple of things that we need to know that could potentially affect the overall results that columbia md carpet cleaning ​are going to be able to provide!

What Type Of Hardwood Do You Have? 

We actually got a chance to talk about this a little bit when we talked about upholstery. One of the more important aspects that people should always keep in mind especially when we are talking about handling hardwood flooring is the type of hardwood that you are going to be using. Not all hardwood is going to be able to be cleaned effectively in the same way. These days a lot of the wood hybrids that are being used for these types of floors can react differently than natural wood does especially in the case of certain chemicals. This is going to alter the whole process!

Shinning Does Not Equal Cleaning 

With hardwood floors, there is something that is almost unique. For the most part, people are going to be a bit more concerned with the optics than about whether or not the area is actually clean. So that is one of the reasons why most people are going to use a lot more hardwood polishing techniques than hardwood cleaning techniques. On occasions, people are literally going to be polishing over the dust all of the other particles that may build up. This can make hardwood floors more prone to spread diseases amongst the family!

Why Would I Call A Cleaning Company When I Can Do It Myself? 

We want to be as honest as we can with our customers. That is why we are not going to shy away from answering questions like the one that we posted above. With hardwood, carpets and other types of flooring the difference between hiring a professional and doing it yourself would be like using a safety net. What we mean by that is, with us you know that we are only going to be using products that fit the surface properly. It is a lot like using dry cleaning services for fancy clothes. You want them to be taken care of by people who know how to do it instead of running the risk of ruining your own stuff! At Columbia Carpet Cleaners, you can rest easy and know that we'll take care of your floors.

How Often Should I Hire This Professional Service

If you are very proactive with the care that you give your living areas allowing us to provide a deep cleaning service a couple of times a year is usually going to be enough. We also don’t want to over do it so even in other cases where an owner is not so proactive we are not going to be showing up every week or anything like that. Check out our new service natural stone cleaning service.

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