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When we talk about natural stone cleaning people usually have marble come to mind as one of the more popular types of stones to build floors with. That said we also handle other types of stone flooring. If you have read through other areas of the site you may feel like you know what is coming. It is just that we can’t escape the fact that knowing the type of stone that you are dealing with and knowing in what condition it currently sits in is key towards being able to provide proper service on our end. With that said let's get going talking about our natural stone cleaning services!

The First Visit Is The Most Important  

We have to know what we are dealing with first and foremost. Especially in these cases, because the current state of the stone flooring is going to determine how we approach things. One of the most important reasons as to why we don’t do anything without a previous inspection of the place is the fact that we want to give you real options. By giving you a very good idea of what you could potentially expect after our hiring our services we believe that it is more likely for you to feel comfortable with the process!

What Type of Stones Do We Clean? 

Marble limestone, granite, these are sort of like the main three that we handle. There are a couple of things that may cause one service to be different from the other. Besides the fact that of course, we are going to be dealing with different surfaces. If we are talking about marble on the front door steps for examples we may handle those a lot differently than we would marble in your bathroom. Although both are seemingly the same, the challenges that each area faces are different and what they are going to be called on to be able to do, is as well. Those are the types of things that we keep in mind!

Do We Do Restoration? 

In a certain sense absolutely we go through restoration processes. For the most part, the parts we don’t handle in a restoration service is if, for example, you need to fix a part of the floor that is starting to crack or have certain issues. What we can do though is provide different types of treatment to the floors to try and restore their original colors and, flair. We get that done through Columbia MD carpet cleaning .

Helping You On A Daily Basis   

Since a lot of these surfaces require a bit more care than may be others in the home we usually have clients that want us to be more involved in the overall maintenance process. Being more involved, however, may not mean that we are going to see each other every week. What we can do is give you different tips and tricks to care for these floors between our deep cleaning sessions. Maybe we are going to start a certain restoration project where we need to literally be involved every week for a while, but then we can slowly give you back more responsibility as far as cleaning these areas normally goes. Find out much more details Columbia Carpet Cleaning MD.

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